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FORCE Powerlifting Gym is a private gym located in Naperville, IL. on W. 5th Ave. next to  Naperville North High School.  Members vary in skill level and experience, from those just learning about fitness, to those training in preparation for competitions, to highly skilled lifters who have competed around the US and World.

From beginner to world-class level, our clients train together on the best equipment and with the belief that they have nearly limitless potential. At FORCE we provide athletes with the right tools, coaching, and environment to not only train, but actually reach their full potentials, so they  realize levels of strength, skill, and mastery that exceed all reasonable expectations.

Simply put, our clients are here to get stronger then they’d previously ever imagined possible. FORCE Gym is NOT the place for those who want to be average.

At FORCE Powerlifting Gym, the only reasonable expectations are to be above average.

3 Step Powerlifting Program

  • Assessment Sessions -- During this process we will teach proper core bracing and stabilization, address any mobility concerns, optimize movement patterns, provide instruction of variation work, and accessory movements based on individualities.
  • Program Design -- This includes constructing an individualized program based on information gathered during the assessment sessions, creating a blueprint for success.
  • Program Execution -- This involves implementing your new customized powerlifting program at the gym. You can be granted 24/7 gym access, scheduled coaching sessions to ensure success.
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