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Personal Training

At FORCE Powerlifting Gym we understand the importance of getting back into the game stronger and better than ever. Whether your goal is strength training after injury, weight loss, or overall sport performance improvement, FORCE Powerlifting Gym designs a program suited to your body’s needs. Having been trained by professional athletes and sports physicians themselves, our personal trainers at FORCE Powerlifting Gym have a diverse background and rigorous training in the field. To ensure that we put you with the appropriate coach, we look at your goals, personality, and availability, to provide the best experience and training that will aid you in achieving your athletic and health goals.

Build A Solid Foundation

Your initial focus with your coach will be a comprehensive view of your lifestyle. What can you change inside and outside of the gym that will aid in achieving your fitness and strength goals. Working with our coaches will ensure that correct form is being followed and that safety is your top priority when lifting and training. As coach Brians says “If you want to impress me, show me good form”. 

Corrective Exercise

Injury or back pain should not keep you from achieving your fitness goals. Our corrective exercise programs specializes in helping you work on any imbalances that will appear as we start initial training. Learning which muscles need to be strengthened and which need to be warmed up or stretched before training is essential to building a safe fitness environment for your body. We strongly suggest that if you have corrective exercise needs that you choose our One on One Training Programs and talk directly to a trainer to ensure safe lifting is followed.

Improved Performance

Our trainers and staff have worked with hundreds of professional athletes and world champion lifters of all different backgrounds and ages. If the goal of your membership is to improve your performance in your sport, you have come to the right place. We specialize in sport teams and training elite athletes to go steps above their regular performance threshold. Talk to a coach about what goals you feel are difficult to reach.

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