Fitness Classes

Adult Functional Training (AFT)

AFT is a combination of strength training, cardio, and circuit training. This class will consist of basic functional exercises such as squats, deadlifts, pushes, and pulls. The class will utilize barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, battle ropes, bands, and other various forms of equipment. Brief cardio circuits will be performed throughout the workout, or at the end of the workout; however, functional movements are the emphasis. The class is designed for all adult ages and all types of fitness backgrounds and can be modified to fit everyone’s fitness goals and abilities. If you are a beginner, more emphasis will be placed on learning the movements and perfecting them. If you are a more experienced lifter, the coach will provide progressions that will challenge even the most advanced member. “Functional” exercises are exercises that can be applied to one’s daily life activities. So even if you are a beginner and simply training to move better throughout the day, or you are a weekend warrior looking to reach your fitness goals, this class will help you increase your own functional performance.

HIIT Cardio

HIIT cardio is a class for all ages that emphasizes high intensity cardio circuits. Traditional cardio can be monotonous and boring, but with high intensity circuits, cardio becomes more fun and efficient. This class will include light weight strength-based movements, bodyweight exercises, and various forms of cardio equipment. In this class, movement and calorie burning will be top priority. HIIT Cardio is designed for the person who likes to be pushed, challenged, and to break a heavy sweat!

Athlete Enhancement

Athlete Enhancement is designed for high school and college athletes looking to improve their athletic performance. In this class, athletes will be exposed to mobility training, acceleration and deceleration training, plyometric exercises, speed development, power development, and strength training. Although weekly workouts cannot be tailored specifically to any one athlete or any one particular sport, the workouts will be perfectly programmed to enhance general athletic preparedness. Upper body and lower body strength, power, and speed will be developed and programmed on a weekly basis. Classes will be implemented in a progressive manner, yet suitable for an athlete to join at any time. This class is a perfect option for any athlete who is unable to invest in a more specific personal training package.

Sweat Masters

Sweat Masters is designed to do exactly what the name says… SWEAT! During this 1-hour class, the workouts will be intense, fun, and energetic. All types of fitness workouts and exercises could be incorporated into this class, from strength exercises, high intensity intervals, cardio, power training, and much more. Sweat Masters will be tough, but the personal triumph after completing it will make it that much more rewarding. Since this class is only one day per week, we ask all member participants to bring a friend free of charge! Let’s make this class full of energy and participants.

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